From Vicksburg, MS

Sitting quietly by a river,
The leaves go floating by…
This is how to still the brain
And see with your mind’s eye.

Meditation’s not so difficult.
Some make it harder than they must.
It’s simply a matter of sitting still
And in the Spirit placing your trust.

Begin with some deep breathing.
Follow the air as it does flow.
Then as your thoughts come to your mind
Release them – let them go.

The brain will want to chatter.
To stop it do not try.
Acknowledge that it works for you,
Then let the thoughts float by.

You may wish to choose a mantra –
A word that brings you peace.
Then say this word repeatedly,
Quite slowly without cease.

It’s in the silence of the gaps
Between each word you say
That you enter God’s great kingdom
And in His world do play.

“Be still and know that I am God.”
It’s there that you will feel it.
In the gaps between the words,
God’s presence He’ll reveal it.

No words can match this feeling.
It is different for each one.
But once you taste the nectar
To God’s side you’ll want to run.

But there’s no need for rushing.
God will walk with you each second.
Long after you resume your day
For His help you clearly beckoned.

Such an awakening is yours, my friend.
Such gifts they do await.
For taking time to sit in peace –
For taking time to meditate.

In this way you show commitment.
You set your priorities quite right.
You tell the Spirit, “You are first,”
“Please fill me with Your light.”

And so it is when you do ask.
Your life is meant for this:
To know your oneness with Creation
To taste the glory of God’s bliss.