From Vicksburg, MS
(300 poems!)

A simple poem
‘Tis all you need.
The question is simple:
Why do you bleed?

You’re given a body
To experience pain.
From life’s hardest lessons
There’s much you can gain.

Respect one another.
Treat each other with care.
There’s far greater growth
When your soul you lay bare.

You dishonor the Self
When you hurt one another.
The killing must stop,
For each one is your brother.

It’s all up to you,
For you’re given free will.
But your choices are wasted
When you use them to kill.

There are only two choices:
To love or to fear.
When the latter does blind you
You see things not clear.

Love is your essence.
Buried deep, some forget.
But your world you can change
When in your hearts love you let.

You must heal your world now.
There must be no more blood.
Instead of bullets and bombs
With love and peace earth do flood.

It sounds very hard,
Yet all it takes is a shift.
Out of darkness bring light
And men’s souls you will lift.

But it takes a great effort –
A total change in belief.
Start one soul at a time
And t your earth bring relief.

There’s nothing more vital
Than your planet to save.
And you do this by respecting
The life that God to all gave.