From Shreveport, LA

(The first few lines of this poem refer to specific evidence I have received while giving a mediumistic reading – the first few stanzas are about my work as a medium, then they shift to a message from the loved ones, just as happens when I give a reading …)

Scalloped edges of a cloth …
Fine vases on a shelf …
Pictures of a bygone time –
Treasures beyond wealth.

Images comes to your mind
Words you do not know
The evidence they come to hear
From the place where loved ones go.

You bring them back to life for them
For a brief moment they are there.
“I live! I’m here!” they say to them
“I reach out and stroke your hair.”

“You cannot see me, yet I’m here.
When you call my name I hear you.
So speak to me and come I will
Your voice it draws me near you.”

A medium two souls unite
Yet for this there is no need.
For always are two hearts enjoined
Who once on love did feed.

Embrace your loved ones with your heart
Even though they have moved on.
You’ll see them once again, please know,
For they’re not forever gone.

Just from your sight for now removed
But much aware they are of you.
So walk this day with lighter steps
For they walk with you, too.