From Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas

Zebra stripes.
Coloring of the skin.
Simply ways to mask
What lies there within.

Are you black and white,
Yellow, tan, or red?
Or are you not the skin at all,
But pure Love instead?

What is this love
That knows no separation?
That knows nothing of boundaries,
No division by nation.

It seeks only to share,
To bring comfort to all.
To fill lives with hope,
To pick up those who fall.

The body’s a temple.
A vessel quite rare.
For it houses this spirit
Which is lighter than air.

What is spirit, you ask.
It is Life, it is Light.
It is Love at its essence.
It’s what gives you true sight.

Many words you may use
To describe the same thing.
It’s the part deep inside you
That makes your heart sing.

When you see only the body,
The spirit’s unseen.
But it’s there nonetheless
In the space in between.

Look not at the face
Of each one you do meet,
But into the heart
Where lies the nectar most sweet.

Call it Love, call it Spirit.
Call it nothing at all.
But seek and you’ll find It
For it’s God who does call.