From Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Enlightenment …
Do you see the word’s base?
It has the power to transform
The whole human race.

Light is the basis
Of all things that live.
Without light things wither
Light the Life Force does give.

“Oh, fill me with light,”
This is what enlighten does mean
For it brings transformation
When God’s love enters the scene.

From the moment you’re filled
With this light, then you know
That life’s greatest gift
He does to you now bestow.

It has always been there
But in a moment of bliss
Do you at once recognize
And truly feel God’s sweet kiss.

Once enlightened, transformed –
You can never go back.
For you realize quite clearly
What before you did lack.

Then from that moment on
God’s full presence you’ll seek
If for only an instant
You’re allowed that rare peek.

To feel even a bit,
Simply turn t’wards the light.
Let love flow through your heart
And thus keep God in sight.