From Albuquerque, New Mexico

An unusual poem today, on a topic I believe we’ve seen before, but the unusual part is the pattern. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this …

Serendipity … chance encounters,
When two people meet.
Who would have thought their paths would cross
Just walking down the street?
Was it destiny that they should find
A friendship oh so deep?

So many things they work this way.
You think it’s all by chance.
Some will walk on by you
Without a passing glance,
But others catch your eye and yet
You think it’s happenstance.

But when you pull upon the string
You find there was true meaning.
For from this chance encounter,
Some truths you find you’re gleaning.
And soon before you know it
Upon this new friend you are leaning.

The world it often works like this,
With things you can’t explain.
Just the right one will be sent to you
Especially when you are in pain.
And you will know it wasn’t luck –
No doubt will there remain.

So treasure these encounters –
These serendipitous events.
They happen for a reason
Although at times they make no sense.
They’re gifts from heaven for your growth,
‘Though you may call them providence.