From Gallup, New Mexico

Sitting quietly on a hill
You survey all that you do see.
The sky it seems so vast –
Stretching to eternity.

But what is distance?
But a measurement of space
In a world of physical matter
Where you speak of time and place.

But what if you were to close your eyes?
Where would the distance go?
You’d find it would have vanished
For then only I AM you’d know.

In this state of being
To different worlds you now can travel
By using just your heart and mind
All the mysteries now unravel.

Turn your focus inward.
See not with your physical eyes,
And know a world unlimited
Far beyond the vastness of your skies.

This inner world’s your birthplace.
It’s the “place” where you come from.
The birthplace of your spirit,
Where all exists as one.

Just know that it exists,
So that when your eyes you open,
You’ll carry it within your heart –
That place where only love is spoken.

Forget not this, your one true home.
Let not the world deceive you.
There’s a reality far greater,
Just waiting to receive you.