From Show Low, Arizona

Peering into the future …
What will happen you can only guess.
Of the past you know so many things,
But of the future far, far less.

Why do you try to see it?
What’s the treasure that lies there?
When in this very moment
Is where you should place your care.

For what lies in the future
Is that which hasn’t happened yet.
And what has happened in the past
You so quickly do forget.

The future could go any way.
So many choices guide your course.
All outcomes rest in how you think,
For your thoughts are future’s source.

So keep your thoughts on “here and now”
Where you participate.
For it’s all these present moments
Which your future do create.

The future will reveal itself
If you will learn to fully trust
And leave the past behind you
Where it can rightly gather dust.

But now is what’s important.
It’s where the focus you should give
And concentrate on being here
For here is where you truly live.