From Show Low, Arizona
Ancient symbols carved in rocks,
Their meaning no one knows.
But that they meant to worship
In the different shapes, this shows.

Sacred forms that carry on
Repeating through the ages.
You see them throughout nature
And in your great books’ pages.

Circles, spirals, triangles …
In each there is true meaning.
Representatives of wisdom –
There for you to do the gleaning.

But one symbol’s universal.
For its simplicity it’s known.
The simple symbol of the heart –
Recognized where’ere it’s shown.

The heart’s the symbol of pure love –
The greatest of emotions
The expression of the light of God
To whom you give all your devotions.

So take this symbol of God’s gift
And wear it on your sleeve.
Exhibit it for all to see
That in God’s love you do believe.

But don’t forget it’s just a sign.
The real thing—this love—is you.
When you awaken to this knowledge,
You allow it to flow through.

Be the walking symbol.
Be love in living form.
Personify the God within.
For this is why you’re born.