Oh little children, we do love you so
This please know
There comes a time in each person’s life
When they will face much stress and strife

But carry on through all the pain
In every heartache, there’s much to gain.
You think that life should be
Completely sweet and free … of hassle.
But look more closely,
Can’t you see?

It’s from the hard times that you grow
Like metal heated to a glow
It’s forged much stronger
Endures much longer
From the process…
The experience of being molded
Look back on how it’s unfolded – your life

Every step along the way
Brought you here today
Exactly as you are
You’ve all come so far
With valleys and hills
You’ve weathered the ills
And gloried in the victories
You all have your histories

And for this you’ve come here:
To grow faster
Reaching for life ever after
So that when you get there
You won’t forget there
How each and every stone turned over
Held a lesson.

Cherish all the moments good and bad
Ones that make you happy,
Ones that make you sad.
All are part of the whole picture of your life
They’re the fixtures
Bless them all
Great and small.

That is all.

We love you.