I asked: How do butterflies become signs from the spirit world?

You think and see things with limited eyes
You don’t understand how vast is the mind
That controls all of nature.

We can move mountains if we wish
But there’s no point in this
A tiny insect we can ask
To do our task

For we can move them with our thoughts
Free will, have they not
There to do our bidding are they
All cooperating as a whole
For it’s all one great soul

If you could only see
The awesome majesty of life
It’s all one Spirit
But you can’t hear it
As we whisper to the butterfly, the hummingbird,
And any little creature
To do our bidding, they comply
They do trod or fly
Happy are they
To serve in this way

We all interact
This is a fact
So it’s no great mystery
How strange things happen
When you can see the big picture.