Today I asked the spirit world a very personal question from a friend. I was interested in what would come through because I had no idea what the answer was. Once the words started flowing, however, I knew the answer very clearly, so when I was finished writing her poem, I asked my own question: “I don’t know the answer when I sit down, but suddenly when I’m writing, I know it. How does that work?” And they answered:

It’s so easy, can’t you see
The answer comes from we
Who put the thoughts there
In your mind we share
The words to pass along
With rhythm like a song.

They’ll sound like your own thoughts
But believe us, they are not.
We put them there
To share
For the betterment of all
Big or small
Keep asking
It’s your tasking
Trust what you hear
The words they are clear
Because you let us near.

So, anyone who follows my blog – if you would like to be part of this, see poem #28, then email me a question. I’ll ask the spirit world and send you what I get. Don’t worry – nothing will go on the blog without anyone’s permission.