#28 8AUG09
Poem #27 was another personal one in answer to a friend’s question. I’m getting the clear impression that the spirit world wants me to use them to help people in this way, so I asked what types of questions they would like to answer from other people…

Truth abounds
Hear the sounds
Of wisdom within.

We can never say
Which way
The game’s about to play
But all may come to us
And we will be here
This is clear, dear.

Ask whatever strikes your fancy, we don’t care
The answers, they’ll be there
For we have access to all the knowledge
You can learn in college
And then some!

What’s your pleasure?
Is it truth about your purpose?
Do you want to know the reason you are here?
Ask us, dear.

Or have you a problem of the heart?
That’s a place to start.
Relationships can give you trouble
If you let them
But forget them not
For all pairings of man and woman have a reason
In each season
There are lessons to be learned.

How to lose weight?
What’s my fate?
There’s no limit to the questions you can ask
It’s our task
To sit with you a while
Make you smile
And make you ponder
What lies yonder
It’s all worthwhile.

How’s my health?
Will I have wealth?
All are worthy questions.
Ask away,
Each and every day
Listen to our musing
We hope we’re not confusing you
By keeping things so broad
It’s not really odd
When you realize
We have access to the skies
Where all the wisdom lies.

Are you curious?
Or maybe furious
About something that’s gone wrong
A question that for too long
Has gone unanswered?
Worry no more
That’s what we are for
To bring you peace
Find release.

So bring them on
Ask away
Let us do the work we’ve come to you to do
It’s nothing new
It’s overdue
This kind of wisdom to impart
It’s no art
Quite natural, in fact
We have made a pact
To serve mankind this way
So come to us and pray
And we will be there

Hear us now
We know how
To love and serve
Bring you what you deserve

Let’s get started.

Okay, then I had a question! (see Poem #29)