Deep within there lies a treasure
Like a vein of gold.
In bygone days men mined for this
Because of stories they’d been told.

They spent all of their money
Left their families and their home
In search of this illusive gold.
Quite far these seekers they did roam.

But you are far more lucky.
You need not travel far.
The gold you seek is buried not.
For this gold is what you are.

This treasure which we speak of
Is the essence of your soul –
Connected to the All That Is
It’s the part that makes you whole.

It’s spirit, pure and simple,
Not flesh and bone and blood.
And when you open up the gates
Throughout you it will flood.

For it is there already.
Without spirit you can’t live.
But you must be aware of it
To find the gifts it has to give.

To pan for this mighty treasure
You need merely shift your mind.
To that which does enliven you
And then pure gold you’ll find.