Things may not always happen
The way you think they should.
You have your own perception
Of what you think is good.

But yours is one perspective.
You see things from your eyes.
But what would you see if you looked down
From a viewpoint in the skies?

You’d see a bigger picture.
One where all things intertwine …
Where all is part of one great plan
Overseen by One divine.

It’s when you think you stand alone
That some things appear as magic.
And other times events occur
That you would label tragic.

But there are no real miracles.
All occurs in perfect order.
For all things follow natural law
Without chaos or disorder.

And within all this perfection
Your life it does unfold.
Playing out your tiny role
In a story yet untold.

So go with it as it flows along
But don’t forget you co-create.
For in God’s great experiment
You do participate.

A tiny bit, yes, that is true.
But vital, do not doubt.
For all depends on each small part
Its Godliness to tout.