I wasn’t getting anything at first today, so I started to worry. Then I REALLY wasn’t getting anything. Then I cleared my mind, and this is what I heard:

This process of the poetry
Works not when you do try.
For only can we speak to you
When your own thoughts slip by.

It is two different processes
To receive words and to think.
Like when your eyes you open and close
Or simply let them blink.

You need not do the work at all.
Sit back and let us talk.
For when you try to interact,
It’s then we seem to balk.

Do not fear that we won’t speak.
It’s fear that causes blocks.
Release all doubt and listen.
The trust our words unlocks.

You see how easily they flow,
Our words, when you relax.
But when you try to get involved
This process you do tax.

For those who see these words, please know
It works the same for you.
The guidance is there waiting
When you know just what to do.

Relax and sit in silence.
You need not think at all.
Just trust that we will speak to you.
Then you will hear our call.

There is no need for effort.
Quite passive must you be.
As in all of life, it works the same:
Just trust and be set free.