Angels may have wings or not.
Just know that they are there
Watching every step you take –
Of your mind and spirit taking care.

Some of you may call them guides.
It is the self-same thing.
For we do guide you through your life.
Great wisdom do we bring.

“Spirit guides” or “guardian angels”
What you call us matters not.
What’s most important is you know we’re there
For we’re the best friend you have got.

We love you unconditionally.
We’re always at your side.
And once you truly feel us
Our love can’t be denied.

We’ll help you feel it in your chest.
It will well up like a fountain.
And with us as your guardians
We’ll help you climb o’er any mountain.

You have a tiny group of us.
Assigned to you since birth.
We know the deepest parts of you
Though you have never walked with us on earth.

But yes, in spirit, we are there.
Each of us has a different role.
But each of us concerned foremost
With the evolution of your soul.

So call on us at any time.
It’s why we do exist.
Ask us anything you like
To help, we can’t resist.

We’re here to give you guidance –
To shout when you’re in danger,
To comfort you in times of need
To us, you are no stranger.

So yes, please know: angels are real.
We’re here with or without wings.
It’s our great joy to help you through
Whatever your life brings.