Sifting through the rubble
The damage has been done.
Recovery begins at once
When you realize all is one.

You life sometimes seems shattered –
Separate pieces spread around.
Fragments of what used to be …
Your balance can’t be found.

This is the ego acting.
It wants you not to know
That nothing’s really separate
And so illusion it does show.

As a puzzle you do see things:
One piece round and one piece square.
But there’s a sense of unity
When at the parts you look with care.

All pieces fit together.
For great symmetry exists.
The pieces do fit perfectly
Yet this tense feeling it persists.

Just know if you could only see
The puzzle put together whole,
You’d understand the part you play –
You have a valued role.

What seems at times quite scattered
Is the way the puzzle you do see.
But trust that all will come together
Just as it’s truly meant to be.