Awesome experience today. I was sitting outside to meditate with the rising sun behind me. It became so hot that it was burning my back (I had a protective shirt on). I had the fleeting thought to get up and move, when I was pushed back in my chair, my head rolled back, and I felt as if I were taken out of my body. I no longer felt the sun, or anything for that matter. Then I heard the first two lines of this poem, so brought myself “back”, picked up the pen, and the rest just flowed … (needless to say, I found no need to move from where I sat)

Transcend your physical body.
Forget your aches and pains.
It’s then, when you go beyond the skin
You realize the greatest gains.

You pay so much attention
To what you feel and smell.
But beyond that which you see and hear
There’s another world as well.

Take your mind and place it there –
Outside the limits of your skin:
In your field of consciousness
That extends outside, not just within.

There you exist as well, my friend,
You function oh so clearly
Unencumbered by the physical –
That part which now you hold so dearly.

If you only realized
Your pain and suffering you could relieve
By removing your attention from that which hurts
So much you could achieve.

It’s not just mere distraction.
It’s finally, truly seeing
That there is so much more to you
Than just a physical being.