So many hurting souls…
Such pain they carry in their heart.
Seeking, always searching
To feel not so much apart.

They think the grand solution
Will descend in one big burst.
And so they go on seeking
As if they suffer from great thirst.

But oft there’s no one moment
In which the answer it appears.
For many of their problems
Have been building up for years.

These aren’t problems of the spirit.
For the spirit’s always whole.
It’s the false beliefs of ego
That keep humans from their soul.

Clearing out the layers
Can be a process of great length.
But it’s the knowledge of the love inside
That gives to all the strength.

The strength to clear the falsehoods –
The lies that keep all feeling less
As you open up to Spirit’s presence
Then Spirit you does bless.

This Force is always calling
Awaiting all to hear it
But it’s the dedicated effort
That allows awareness of the spirit.

Expect no “aha” moment.
Strive instead for daily peace.
Great happiness and joy await
Once old habits you release.

Work towards a slow awakening.
Enjoy the journey as you grow.
Then feel Spirit in each moment
As you allow God’s love to flow.