In a comment to poem #322, Bill asked, how do we reach enlightenment and achieve the things stated in poems 322 and 321. I realized I could ask the poets, but they would most likely ask me how many ways they need to answer that question. I don’t know that anyone holds the one key to enlightenment, but summarizing the 322 poems, it seems they’ve been telling us that things that help would be:
– meditate/sit in the silence regularly
– while there, ask to be aware of/to connect with your spirit and the Great Spirit/God
– while in this state, simply “be” without trying
– feel the love!
– in a more active meditation, pray to feel spirit as much as possible
– meditate/sit in the silence regularly
– when in full rational mind/active mode, be the loving spiritual being you are by practicing unconditional love, kindness, compassion, non-judmentalism, self-acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness of those who don’t “get it”
– love
– meditate/sit in the silence regularly
– remind yourself regularly that you are a spirit temporarily in a physical body and contemplate what that means
– love with all your heart and soul
– sit with God and trust that the Force is with you and IS you.
– thank God for Life
– ask for guidance
– listen for the answers
– trust that you are being guided
– act on guidance you receive
– love everyone and everything
– sit in the silence and give thanks
– ask to feel the love that is your essence
– sit in the dark and ask to be enlightened
– wait and see what happens
– expect nothing
– recognize that you may never get “there” for “here” is all that is
– relax, and be happy
– radiate love
– sit in the silence ………..