From Provo, Utah

Curtains drawn across a window
So none can see inside
Heavy and impenetrable
What secrets do they hide?

All humans have these curtains.
They draw them ‘cross the soul.
As if to give the world a glimpse
Would take a mighty toll.

But there is something few do realize.
All men are just the same.
Universal are emotions
Be they love, or hate, or shame.

There’s no need to hide inside the self.
True freedom does await.
When the curtains you do open wide
And with other souls relate.

Closed off you feel so all alone
But when you open up the blind
No longer are you separate
True companionship you’ll find.

Send loving thoughts of what you need
And this you will attract
For like draws like when free to flow.
This is a given fact.

Try it for yourself, my friend.
Let in the light and hide no more.
True goodness will come unto you
As you open your soul’s door.