From Ogden, Utah

Body and mind
Are inextricably linked.
The body reflects
How your mind it does think.

But this goes both ways
For when the body’s not well,
Then thinking is muddled.
Good from bad’s hard to tell.

Be on guard not to fall
In this treacherous trap.
Where thoughts create illness
And your vitality sap.

From there things can spiral
For it’s hard to get up
Once the body does drink
From this poisonous cup.

Focus not on the body
But always on the mind.
For by habit on problems
In your body you’ll find.

But by placing your thoughts
In that positive place
Then far fewer symptoms
Of body you’ll face.

Know that in truth you are spirit
And spirit knows not of ills
And once this you’ve learned
You’ll look far less for pills.