Beauty comes in many forms
On the earth you have your norms
But when one doesn’t measure up
You see it with scorn.
Push it aside
Attempt to hide
That which you label ugly
How unkind!
Don’t you see?
All is beautiful in God’s eye
Nothing ever passes by
That the Great Spirit doesn’t
Place his touch upon it
Graces it
He places it
In your sight
To wonder at his might
That he could take a tiny seed
And let it grow into a weed
Or tall into a tree
Or even stand and walk like we did
When we walked upon the earth
As you have since your birth
But here with our new view
We see things apart from you
Not just the outer shell
But deep inside as well.
There lies the beauty you don’t see
Until you look with eyes like we
Judge not by outer sights
That way never will be right
See the oneness of all things
In spite of all appearances
This is love that never changes
Rearranges only before your eyes
No surprise.
See the truth.