“If at first you don’t succeed
Try, try again”
Words such as these
Spur the deeds of men

But how, pray tell
Do things get done
When you think that you’re
The only one?

Nothing happens by itself
Your fame, your glory, and your wealth…
These are gifts given to you
Because it’s your due

Everything you achieve in this life
Is a gift from God
You may find this odd
But nothing happens without His knowing
No coming or going

He watches all with eyes that see
For his eyes are your eyes
His heart is your heart
It’s plain as can be

There’s no separation ‘tween the two
You are God and He is you
How’d you get here without Him?
Do you think you got here by some whim?

You’re an expression of his love – He comes through you
Believe this, it’s true
The Great Spirit lives and breathes
In plants and flowers and rocks and trees

Everything that you call life
Is spirit through and through
And the highest of all his creations, of course, is you.
Cherish this life that you’ve been given
By love of Spirit it’s been driven

All the glories of this great earth
Were given to you at birth
To you and everything that lives
God’s love and blessings, these He gives

Savor every moment that you breathe
Yet know that when you leave
This earth, there’s more
For you have lived before
And you will go on living
For God’s spirit goes on giving
After your last breath
Beyond the transition you call “death”

It’s impossible to kill
God’s everlasting will
To give you life-His greatest gift
May this knowledge your spirits lift
This day and every day that follows
Soar high like the swallows
And return each year
From far and near
To receive his blessing.

That is all.