You create with your thoughts
The world you live in.
Many are the minds that contribute to your reality.

Each has his own view
Of how things are true
Each one certain
His way is right.
They hold their thoughts dear
Even though it’s clear
That many minds see differently.

How to reconcile
And leave all with a smile?
An impossible task
But this we ask
What difference does it make
If some real knowledge they forsake
In lieu of false views
From reading the good news
And taking each good verse
Like a play they rehearse
Each line over and over
Repeating word for word the phrase
Holding in their gaze
The letters, words, and meaning
As if they held great value
When all the proof they need of God’s great glory
Comes not from some old story
Written through the ages
Captured in the pages
Of a book which they call holy
No, the truth they’ll never find
Til they look inside the mind
And ask the question:

How do I know?
Where’s the glow
That burns inside the chest?
Where the answer that is best
Starts as a flicker and then burns
Til the real lesson one learns.

Trust not what others tell you
Lies and stories they may sell you
But the one and only guide
Is buried deep inside.

There lies true knowing
The flames of wisdom ever glowing
And only those who trust this guide to lead them to the truth
There will find their proof
Of science and religion and philosophy
This is how it’s got to be.

Man was given guidance he can use
But this gift he’s bound to lose
If he takes what’s told unto him at face value.

Like sheep that wander in a herd
Never daring to branch out
But milling softly all about
They get the group mentality
But that’s not true reality

Once again we say to you
Look inside for what is true
Accept nothing til you’ve tested
Every theory every proof
There you’ll find the truth.

The brain’s a sharpened tool
It’ll help you, as a rule
But trust not everything it says and does
We can say this now because
We use this tool not here
We have no need for it without a body
Yet we’re left with something greater
Given to us by the Creator:
A mind that sees past trickery and fiction
Has no need for great conviction
Other than the knowing
Ever constant, ever glowing
We discussed
Know this, you must:

If you’re to grow
Great wisdom to know
See through the deception
Learn this lesson
Trust your heart
It will lead you not astray
Go inside yourself and pray
And the truths you seek you’ll find there
It’s divine there.

Keep the faith.