Animals and flowers,
Birds, and plants, and trees …
All that you can name like this —
You can see God in these.

Stop and take a moment.
Pause long enough to sit.
Then focus on an object
And say, “God is in it.”

“God is that, and God is that,”
Say it as you move your gaze,
And doing this you’ll start to see
God manifest in many ways.

Then find a group of people
And do this for all you see.
Say, “God is that, and God is that,”
Then say, “And God is me.”

In this way you’ll strengthen
Your connection with all things
And find the joy and oneness that
This understanding brings.

Note from Suzanne: I love this! It fits right in with the phrase “I AM THAT I AM.” I did as the poem said … sat and moved my gaze from the glorious Grand Tetons to the birds, a chipmunk, the wildflowers, saying “God is that … God is that … God is that … ” Then I saw some people and said the same thing, letting it sink in. Then I finished by saying, “And I AM THAT.” Powerful. (It’s also interesting to change the name God to various names and repeat the exercise …Great Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Consciousness, The Source, etc. … and see how it feels.) Love to all …