Disturbances …
Things which take you from your goal.
These small and big annoyances,
They play a valued role.

For how you handle what impedes
Those things for which you’re yearning
As you continue on your path
Is all part of what you’re learning.

Do you grumble and get short
With that which does annoy?
Or do you see it as a bump
Along the road to joy?

Once again, we tell you
All is nothing but perception.
Do you see things as annoyance
Or just part of God’s perfection?

Everything is neutral
Until you color it with thought.
If you see something as negative
Then into negativity you’re brought.

While it’s fine to maintain reason
And know that big things can upset you,
The small disturbances of life
Are the ones that should not “get you.”

Try to walk the even path
With quite tempered a reaction
And you will find you pass your days
With much greater satisfaction.