Fairy tales describe a world
Where all that exists does glisten …
Where dew drops have a voice and sing
If you would only listen.

But here’s a little secret:
You need not read a child’s story
To hear the voices as they sing
Of God and nature’s glory.

Rise early with the sun and watch
The world as it arises.
Listen closely with the spirit’s ear
And wait for some surprises.

In the stillness of the morn
You’ll hear the voices there quite clear …
The subtle whisper of a song
That’s singing in your ear.

Don’t listen with your left brain.
Leave the physical behind.
Listen with your heart, my friend
And you will hear within your mind.

All nature has a song to sing
A fairies’ tale unlike the rest.
And when you learn to read it
You’ll find God’s story is the best.