From Missoula, Montana

All the world’s a shadow –
A reflection of the Light
Where that which shines most brightly
Is often hid from sight.

The world of matter is the clouds
Which Spirit hides behind.
And there beyond the wispy mist
The rainbow you will find…

The full spectrum of experience
Real life in all its glory …
Where Light holds all the answers
Reflected in Its story.

Shed the darkness from your life
Step out of the shadows dim
Behold the glory of your soul
That’s waiting there within.

Just how do you reveal it?
Simply push aside the curtain.
Know the Light is in you.
Of this you can be certain.

The Light of God shines brightly
Just waiting for your call.
The mere intention to reflect It
Will help you shine the Light on all.

Behold the shining beacon
That does shine within your heart
And be the Light which gave you birth—
That Source from which you cannot part.