From Bozeman, Montana

There, in the recesses of your heart
You know the truth.
Stop and listen …
How do they feel –
These words you read and hear?
Do they flow with rhythm clear?
Or do they stop,
As if blocked?
The true test
Better than the rest
Lies there inside.
From this answer you cannot hide.
When in doubt
Look not without
But always
Go within.
There lie the answers that you seek.
There where your trust you keep.
Use this tool
Be not the fool
Who dances through the fields with glee
But does not truly see
The weeds.
On these he feeds.
For he is taken by the color
Not the taste.
Do not waste your time on these.
For your heart, dear one, it sees
The truth.
There inside please place your trust.
This action is a must
If you truly wish to grow and flourish
Your soul it will nourish
You with truth and love.
Trust yourself.
Therein lies the greatest wealth.