Sisters know a special connection …
Each sharing such a great affection.
But sisters need not by blood be connected
For by great love to be affected.

There are those who come across your path
Who make you sing and cry and laugh…
Those special souls who touch your heart,
And play a truly special part.

“Soul sisters” you do call these friends.
Your love for them on naught depends.
Their heart and soul you simply cherish.
Without them you would surely perish.

This is how you feel, at least,
When such a love is thus released—
That God has led you to this one,
Whose light is brighter than the sun.

If you find your sister true,
Cherish what she brings to you,
But know that you do play a role
In brightening your sister’s soul.

For this your very paths have crossed—
To find the love that’s never lost.
And with this one on whom you rely,
That love inside does multiply.