All that matters is love. There is nothing else. You are swimming in a sea of love, bathed in it … but your human bodies do act at times like thick wetsuits, preventing you from feeling the love both inside you and out. You control how impermeable is this suit. Discard the barrier and become instead as a sponge filled with love … floating in it … replete with it. If you could but wring this sponge it would pour forth onto all around you. This is the goal of life—to realize that love is all there is. It fills you and all that surrounds you.

Do not be a dry, brittle sponge, but soak up love until you are sodden, heavy, and bursting to drip that love on all who come near you, most especially those who thirst. Impart to these thirsty sponges part of your supply, for it is endless. As you give from the Source of your supply, you are endlessly refilled. It is the Law … the Law of Love.