Searching, always seeking for the truth
You look beyond.
But the truth lies there inside
Like ripples on a pond.

Watch the water and you’ll see
How the vibrations do spread out—
Energy that moves forever onward …
Your thoughts are like this, have no doubt.

You are pure spirit deep inside.
There the purest part it does reside.
And as you thinketh, so you are.
From this truth you cannot hide.

What you think is hidden from your eyes,
But etched forever in your field.
To those who learn to sense the waves,
All is easily revealed.

It is not magic,
Nor to any person should it frighten.
This understanding of your nature
Your spirit will enlighten.

So tune in to these vibrations.
Know that this is who you are.
And more you send out loving thoughts,
More your vibrations travel far.

Expand your Self with loving waves.
In this way the world is healed.
For with the energy you do project,
The face of God is thus revealed.