When one talks endlessly of self, this shows a need for love. This person has not yet realized that the love they seek lies inside always. On and on they chatter, trying to raise their sense of importance. Do not mistake us—it is one thing to share stories and words which are of importance for others to hear and which may be healing or of service. It is another thing to boast and brag of exploits which merely build upon the ego’s sense of self-importance … and separation.

Do not hesitate to share information which is of service to others, but if you feel an inner urge to speak incessantly of self, catch yourself in action. Turn the focus deliberately outward. Ask about another’s health, welfare, and concerns. Send genuine love to this other as they speak. Listen with interest, focusing on your connection at a soul level. There you will find the love.

Be not selfish, but philanthropic, loving your brother as yourself, and watch your world expand.