You suffer so from blindness—the inability to see who and what you truly are. Could you but see the radiant light inside, you would never suffer. Why are you so troubled? Why do you cry and treat yourself so badly in word and thought? It is because you are placing your focus exactly where the ego wants you to place it—on the selfish ego. This very real part of yourself keeps itself alive by allowing you to wallow in false thoughts about your true nature.

You are not the caterpillar, but the beautiful butterfly. Allow the butterfly to emerge now and set your spirit free. How do you do this? Shine a light—the very light at the center of your being—on all of the false ego thoughts which you have allowed to have prominence. These thoughts cannot survive in the light of Truth.

Banish the darkness and take flight now. It is never too late, for that is why you are here: to recognize who you are and let that True Self shine through.