Sit back on your haunches.
Stare up at the sky.
More beauty lies beyond there
Than you can see with just the eye.

The same is true of you, my friend,
If you could only see.
But only when you close the eyes—
It’s then that you’re set free.

What lies beyond is all illusion.
What’s inside is what is true.
What’s beyond is ever-changing.
Inside the stillness is pure you.

Change is part of life, you know.
Nothing ever stays the same.
Except the part that gives you life—
The part without a label or a name.

Get to know this part of you,
For it is who you are.
That love-filled space that calls to you …
A subtle longing from afar.

Set aside the doubts you have
That this thing called God exists,
And go within to find It,
To the one whose voice persists.

It’s been there calling out for you,
If you would only listen,
And seeking you will find it—
A golden treasure that does glisten.

Grab the gold and run with it,
For this is why you’re here—
To find the prize that’s yours to take:
Pure Love, without the fear.