When you find yourself in some place strange and foreign, do you not at times feel a coldness in the pit of your stomach? These are physical reactions to buried thoughts. If you were to bring the thoughts to the surface, you would find there issues of safety, clouded over with fear. All of these are ancient fears, some carried over many lifetimes.

You are on a path of remembering who you are—a child of God—one who has welled up from the spring of love¬—your Source. You cannot be separated from this Source, for it is who you are. When you experience fear, this is an indicator that you are focusing on the physical.

What you experience with this coldness is homesickness of the most primal kind. Know that you can go Home in an instant. Simply turn inside to where your Source dwells. Slip back into the warm, inviting waters of your Well-Source and bathe yourself in love.