There is only one Mind at work in your world. Yes, you have your own mind, but just as there are many ever-changing waves in the ocean, there is only one ocean. You understand the analogy, but how does this help you in your daily life as you go about your day, seeing the troubles of those around you and dealing with your own perceived troubles?

Notice first that word “perceived.” Once you fully realize and internalize that your mind is a focus of the one Divine Mind, you will look upon your troubles in a wholly—indeed, holy—new light. All challenges are naught but opportunities to tap into that Greater Mind and approach the challenges from that higher perspective.

All of Life gives you choices from moment to moment. If until now your choices have resulted in you being less than your loving best, it was out of ignorance of your true nature. Once you truly understand that nature, making the choice to come from that seat of loving power transforms all troubles and challenges into welcome gifts to express love … only love.