How long must man go on fighting one another?

Since time began men have bickered
The flames ever flickered
Stones they did sharpen
Weapons used to kill
Forever still
When the blood of the body
Flows from holes poked with points
Broken joints …

All of this unnecessary
Keeps you from bliss
Hear us when we say
It doesn’t have to be this way

Go forth in peace and live among each other
Learning to love your sister and your brother
Put the mighty ego aside
This false power you must hide
It knows not of love
It wants to rule the world
Turning things of matter into tools to use in anger

But counter to the false lit pride
Lies a depth of peace inside
That knows nothing of power and might
Nor how to fight

It wants only settled weather
No storms or gray clouds
Not to be proud
But to see the love and beauty in all things
From a place of wisdom it sings
Its songs of joy and laughter
Hope for the future
Where man will live to infinity
Sure of his divinity
Caring and loving
Wanting only to serve
This is what you all deserve

When you awake and shred the lies
Tear off the disguise
The mask that does hide
The true spirit inside
Then love will rise and take its place
Fill your every day with grace
Make this world a better place
Where all may live in peace