Again, two poems today, #42 and #42, this one in answer to my question, “What is Hell?”

Hell’s a place that knows no shame
There go those who’ve played the game
And lost-
Their time on earth they wasted
God’s great love they never tasted
Spent their days in anger and hate
Waiting too late
To understand
Why they did come
Until their time was done

Those who kill and hurt their brother
Never serving one another
Move no closer to the light
Live their days in fear and fright
Seeing with regret
That love exists and yet
Their chance they did squander
Now they wander
In the darkness, almost lost
Chances given and then tossed
Like garbage in a heap
Failed to take a leap

Now they fester
There in darkness they sequester
To review their deeds and learn
That their time was not to spurn

Some awake and see the truth
Others linger without proof
This is Hell
This knowing they did lose their chance to grow toward the light
Realizing wrong from right
Held back until they know
They’ll never reach the glow
Until their deeds they recognize for what they are
Bear the scar
And ask forgiveness

Only then can man move upwards and glow
Evolution it is slow
For those who’ve sinned
They’ve much to learn
Amends to make
For those they did forsake

This is true justice
In this please trust us
You can never escape
The mistakes you make
But those who live a life of love and service
Will go on to find the glory
Of their story
This is how it works, this life
With true justice it is rife.