Look into eternity
There in the distance you will see
Secrets revealed
For all the world’s a mystery
To those who open not the eyes
But gaze upon the skies
And wonder … why?


There are many levels to reality
Each a different vibration
You rise upon the ladder of life
As a train moves to the next station

You chug along now, spewing steam
Like some well-oiled machine
Thinking all it takes to get ahead
Is pure might
But that’s not right

Ease off, apply the brakes
You all make so many mistakes
For you see through hooded eyes
You do not realize
That might makes not right
Not at all
It only leads to a fall

The true power comes in release
Where striving lacks, there you’ll find peace
No need to charge full speed ahead
Chugging along until you are dead
Glide instead
Along the rails
Float through life like a boat with sails
Effortless should be the journey
When you surrender
And always remember
That God is at the helm

Strive not so hard to succeed
For greater effort there is no need
But greater love and trust
These two elements are a must
To navigate the way
To peace and light each day