I asked the spirits for more information about the ladder analogy from poem #57 …

Climb the rungs
Step by step
With each rung
Higher yet

The variety of life experiences
Hold them dear
For each brings to you
From year to year
New wisdom
Further growth
Raise your hand
And take an oath
Of fealty to God
How odd
That you would think
This life is all there is
When everything you see in nature
Dies to live again
Cycles repeated
Without end
Constant evolution
The unending revolution
Of the sun
Should be all the proof you need
To know that like a seed
You do sprout
Then rise and grow
And move about
Until the winter of your life
When does come the end
Then you travel
Round the bend
To different vistas

You are the ivy on a vine
That round the ladder it does climb
Rising higher
Twisting in a spiral
Almost viral
In its growth

Spreading, growing
Learning as it’s going
To live life ever more full
The sun’s great warmth
Exerts its pull
Like a magnet

How high does it grow –
This vine?
It never stops
Until it merges …
With the One
Who planted the seed
With great power indeed
To make all things grow
And rise
Ever upward t’ward the skies

This is life in motion
Begun as a tiny notion
And now endless
Like the ocean
Of your devotion

Blessed be the Creator
Infinite in His intelligence
And blessed be ye all