With crystal vision you see the trees
The mighty oaks with golden leaves
Turning every autumn

To become brittle and fall to the ground
Tired and brown

Having served their purpose
Their role in the cycle of life complete
This life it is replete
With stories such as this

The endless cycles of birth and renewal, growth and maturity
Round and round to eternity
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Life goes on like this it must
For this is natural law

And what of man?
How do you fit in the plan?
The highest creation still
Because you have free will

Judge not they who thinks not as you do
A different stage of life do they go through
Knowing not the rules
They seem to you as fools

But who’s to say who’s right or wrong, better or worse?
It does no good to scream and curse
At those who see not eye to eye
Let their actions pass you by

Send them love instead
In this way you get ahead
Progressing step by step along your path
Leaving others to their wrath

For though each soul’s connected
The other’s way should not be corrected
But left to straighten on its own
What each reaps is what he’s sown

The effects come from the cause
This is the greatest of God’s laws
Infallible in its action
Every cause has a reaction

Knowing this step out with trust
Leaving footprints in the dust uniquely yours
As you cross through open doors
Look behind and see the turns you make
The result of every step you take