Many differences have you all.
To love or to hate—that is your call.
In judgment you do sit and think.
But who are you to say?

What’s good to one, to another is bad.
What makes one happy, to another makes sad.
Yet these beliefs do hold you back.
They keep you seeing only white and black.

But this is a world of many hues.
The great tapestry of life you do confuse
By seeing it made up of separate thread.
Not one great masterpiece, instead.
That without all the parts surely would fail.
Yet as a whole does so greatly prevail.

Judge not each other for what’s not the same.
Relish instead the varied parts of this game.
Square and round pieces with which you do play.
Which one is best?
That’s not for you to say.

Treasure each aspect, all facets of living.
Relish the lessons to you they are giving.
Sit not and judge, but relax and observe.
And you will be blessed with all things you deserve.

Love and peace and great joy
To you they will come.
When at last you do see
That all parts make up One.