See into the future.
Who knows what it does hold?
But having faith that you are led
Your forward steps are bold.

So few among you understand
The future is not set.
But part of choices you do make.
It hasn’t happened yet!

But with each small decision
Your future does unwind.
Determined by the thoughts you make
It’s born within your mind.

Free will is what determines
Which way your path does bend.
For on every decision
Your future does depend.

Some lessons you are here to learn.
They’re yours and yours alone.
But how they do occur will change.
They’re not all set in stone.

So many possibilities
There are for you to take.
And once again it all depends
On every choice you make.

This life is all about your growth—
The evolution of your soul.
To make the proper choices—
This is your life’s great role.

You think that if you slip a bit
That slip it matters not.
Bur rest assured we register
Your every little thought.

Don’t worry if perfection
To obtain it seems too hard.
If you were perfect then your countenance
We’d be unable to regard.

You’re on the earth to learn and grow.
So relish each mistake.
And redirect your actions
With the next choice you do make.

Let each day be an adventure
As you step out through the door.
And know that as you walk your path
You soul prepares to soar.