I felt no presence for longer than usual, then a strong lightheadedness and a whole new “voice”…

The womb.
Heart of creation.
There does arise
A great surprise.

New birth.
What on earth?
How does a child grow?
You want to know.
From a pairing
A thought so daring–
To conceive a life.

It’s a miracle
This thing called birth.
To bring such worth
From such a tiny speck.
Hunt and peck
Yet you can’t see

It lies inside
There it does hide.
The chick inside the egg
“Release me!” it does beg.
Crack the shell
And all is well.

Light revealed
No longer sealed.
Time to grow.
This life to know.
Bursting forth
Seeking true North.

A guiding light
It burns within.
There since conception
To give direction.
The tiny chick
What makes it tick?

Arise and see
It does await.
It is the fate
To rise and discover
The mystery uncover.

Crack the shell
And all is well.