Blessed are the children
For wrong-thinking they have not.
They don’t spend their moments
Criticizing every thought.

It’s only as they grow and age
That they do learn to think.
And with each false belief they learn
The further they do sink.

Different cultures, different norms exist
Yet inside all are one.
So why so many differences
When the day is done?

You are a product of your thoughts.
Beliefs they shape your actions.
And it’s these same beliefs and thoughts
That divide you into factions.

Culture is a good thing.
It provides you with a root.
But when others you look down upon
The culture becomes moot.

For all is one, at heart the same.
When group norms you do remove.
It’s easier to learn to love
When you’ve nothing left to prove.

“My country’s best”, “Your ways are wrong,”
These thoughts they do divide.
They separate and obfuscate
The essence that’s inside.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking
Your group it is the best
Except that it does separate
Your group from all the rest.

Appreciate your differences
They make you who you are.
But you are all like candies
Fit inside a giant jar.

Each is slightly different in appearance
Called by a different name.
Each one a different color
Yet inside all are the same.

Appreciate the differences
But love your neighbor too.
For at the very heart of him
He is the same as you.