You gather in groups for companionship. There is safety in numbers, you say. But truly, why do you enjoy so much the company of others? It is because there you see reflected the nature of your Self. Each of you is a focus of God—a spark of the Divine. Each of you shines your light out into the world and hopefully makes your world a brighter place. Imagine each of you like a flashlight shining in different directions. And then imagine if those beams were all focused like a laser. There is the power.

That light is the love that burns inside you all. If you were to focus it together and shine it like a laser upon those who do not yet see the light, such brightness you would bring to your world.

Enjoy your friends. Friendship is a gift from God—the companionship of others so that you can enjoy God’s creations just as God does. But use your companions as God does—for more than pure entertainment, but to intensify God’s light in the world. Go forth today, join with your friends, and shine God’s light ever brightly.