Fireflies blink on and off, and so do you. All is energy. If you could but see the continuous pulsations of all that surrounds you, to include your physical body, your entire perception of reality would change. You blink on and off with each pulsation of your electrons, but one aspect of you does not fluctuate, and that is your consciousness. This aspect of you arises from what you call “the void,” but it is nothing less than the Mind of God from which all that is arises.

Where does all matter go when it blinks “off?” Back to the void, to be created a billion times yet again, until it has served its purpose. But Consciousness is eternal. Its purpose is simply to “be” and to experience.

How will you use the physical matter around you to fulfill the purpose of Consciousness? Understanding that the nature of this Consciousness is Good-ness, you attune to your True Nature by experiencing Good-ness with all of your actions. The firefly emits a light when it blinks “on.” Allow the light of your spirit to shine as brightly as humanly possible whilst you blink on in this evanescent lifetime.